Thank You

So today, after 4 months in the US studying abroad, I fly back home to England. It has been such an enjoyable experience, and what seemed like forever when we arrived at the University of New Haven in January now seems like one huge blur.

I feel like I’ve learned a lot, both academically and otherwise since I’ve been in America. I’ve met some really great people that I hope I will be able to keep in touch with and return to visit in the not too distant future. I wouldn’t change the last few months for anything, it’s been a blast. I have a few people to thank for making my time in the States what it was.

Sophie, thank you for keeping me sane over the past four months. There is no doubt that had you not come to the US too, my experience at UNH wouldn’t have been as good as it was.

I’d like to thank Dan (one of my roommates) for being so welcoming and introducing me to a lot of cool people, but most of all for not being Jesse. I will not miss hearing Fall Out Boy alarms at 6.30 every morning.

Renee, thank you for having me stay at the end of the semester. It was a pleasure. Lay off the caffeine and get some sleep, potassium?

Abbey, enjoy your time back in Maine. I hope 18th century America treats you well. MOOOOOOOSE.

Vikki, it’s been a pleasure. I’m sorry Leo hasn’t won an Oscar yet but I’m sure he will one day.

Ryan, you were a really good laugh. However, I AM NOT your husband haha.

Also, thank you to my friends back home for keeping in touch while I’ve been over the pond. Hopefully I will see you Lincolnians at the Shed on Wednesday for some beverages. Be there or be square.

And last but not least, a big thank you to my family, particularly my Mum and Dad. Without you this really wouldn’t have been possible and I am forever grateful for your support.

God Bless America.


As with my last blog post I think I have to start with an apology for not posting any updates for a long time (it’s been over a month!)

So, what’s been happnin? What’s the goss?

Well, for Spring Break we went to the Dominican Republic for just under a week. It was great to relax in the sun for a few days and read a book that wasn’t a textbook for a change. The accommodation was really nice as was the hotel and its grounds, everything was very well kept and clean, and the food was good and there was plenty of choice. Entertainment in the evenings was actually pretty funny mainly because of how cheesy it was, credit to the guy hosting it he was very game and enthusiastic. We were lucky that the weather was lovely although I guess it’s nice in that corner of the world most of the time, and the people were so nice (the bar staff were rather generous with their servings too!) I even played a game of beach football, during which I scored a goal from inside my own half (unfortunately the crowd wasn’t particularly large/interested so I doubt I’ll be famous on YouTube or Vine anytime soon). I’ve put in a few pictures below for your viewing pleasure.

The view from the room at the hotel overlooking the pool and the beach.

The view from the room at the hotel overlooking the pool and the beach.

The beach.

The beach.

Sunset taken from the room.

Sunset taken from the room.

The hotel lobby.

The hotel lobby.

Michael Jackson night. This guy had some moves.

Michael Jackson night. This guy had some moves.

The front of the hotel.

The front of the hotel.

Hotel grounds and villas.

Hotel grounds and villas.

The pier at night. This place really was paradise.

The pier at night. This place really was paradise.

Barbecue on the beach on the last night. Enjoyed a scarce beer too!

Barbecue on the beach on the last night. Enjoyed a scarce beer too!

I managed to steal a place on a trip to New York to a bodies exhibit. It wasn’t the greatest thing ever, and unfortunately the rain set in that day so we spent most of the day besides the exhibit and lunch (at Planet Hollywood -cool) walking around looking for shelter which we eventually found in a book store. It was a free trip to New York though so definitely can’t complain. A lot of laughs were had that day too which is always good. Also the umbrellas. THE UMBRELLAS. Too many umbrellas, not enough sidewalk. I also caught a cheeky snap of some unsuspecting bus passengers on the way back #sleepcam.

Horse at the body exhibit.

Horse at the body exhibit.

Lunch at Planet Hollywood.

Lunch at Planet Hollywood.

Rainy day in NYC.

Rainy day in NYC.



We were also incredibly lucky to get on a trip to go and see the Red Sox vs the Yankees at the Yankee Stadium in New York on the 11th of this month. The trip list filled up in 17 seconds and the wait list in 26! What an experience that was. I rooted for the Red Sox (their owners own Liverpool for those who don’t know), and they ran out winners 4-2 on the night. The highlight was probably seeing Grady Sizemore hit a home run in the 6th inning, but regardless of the result it was just great to be there. Interestingly, one of the Red Sox players, David Ortiz, is actually from Santo Domingo, which is the airport we flew into when going to the Caribbean for Spring Break. The American’s have so much pride for their country too. Before every sporting event (whatever level) they play the national anthem during which everyone turns towards the flag with hand on heart.

Yankee Stadium. Love a good pano.

Yankee Stadium. Love a good pano.

Evening sky over Yankee Stadium with Red Sox in the field.

Evening sky over Yankee Stadium with Red Sox in the field.

Just last week week we got on another trip, this time to Boston to watch the Boston Celtics (basketball) play their last game of this season against Washington Wizards at the TD Garden. During the pre-game warmups we were able to stand right down by the TV people behind one of the baskets which was pretty cool. We then took our seats and enjoyed an entertaining game which ended Celtics 102-118 Wizards.

Standing virtually court side near the TV crew during the warmup.

Standing virtually court side near the TV crew during the warmup.

Kris Humphries (injured), former husband of Kim Kardashian.

Kris Humphries (injured), former husband of Kim Kardashian.

TD Garden pano.

TD Garden pano.

I can’t believe we only have three weeks left here until the semester ends now. It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes since we were all saying goodbyes and boarding the plane at Heathrow!

Only 3 games left of the Premier League season now too for Liverpool. Come on boys, you can do it!


Long Time No Blog

Hola! Como estamos? No, you’re right, there was no need for that (probably grammatically incorrect) Spanish.

Anyway, it’s housekeeping time. Sorry it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything on here. The last couple of weeks up until now have been pretty hectic with getting work done and studying for midterms!

I’m say at the gate in JFK as I write this waiting for our plane to the Dominican Republic.

Yesterday we went to New York to see the St Patrick’s Day Parade, which was really good. It was a lovely day out in general too!


We’ve been to a couple of basketball games recently. Unfortunately the mens team lost their NE10 Championship Final match against SCSU. It’s a big local rivalry and we lost by just two points after they scored a three-pointer in the last six seconds of the game.


I also went skiing for the first time a few weeks back. The University put on a free trip to Mohawk Mountain in upstate Connecticut. It was hardly the alps but a good place to start skiing. I really enjoyed it and would definitely like to go again soon!


We did pancake day American style too. They have the thick ones and although they’re good I have to say I prefer the ones we have in England (which we probably stole from
The French – details).


And finally, I watched the Oscars. It was a long (5?) hours of my life, but Ellen Degeneres made it bearable (and at times very funny). She also broke Barrack Obama’s record for the most retweets ever from one tweet with this ‘selfie’ taken with several movie stars.




Hope all is well back home!

Happy 21st Dani!

Will 🙂

Howdy Y’all!

‘What have you been up to recently, Will?’ I hear you ask in your thousands. Well, to answer your question, stuff, and I guess this site is all about me telling you about that ‘stuff’ that I’ve been up to. Joking aside, I don’t have thousands of fans (obviously), and uni has been pretty busy with work lately which is why it’s been a while since my last post.

Where to start… Well, about a week ago I finally saw a film I’d been waiting to see for ages: ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. It didn’t disappoint. For any of you who don’t know, it’s directed by Martin Scorsese and based on the rise and fall of Jordan Belfort, who was a fraudulent New York stockbroker back in the 90s. Belfort is portrayed in the film by Leonardo DiCaprio, who, as usual, was excellent. As you all know, I’m not massively into films, and this was 3 hours long, but the time flew by. One of the best films I’ve ever seen (not sure that’s a coveted award?!)


Last week we went to see our first Broadway show in New York called ‘Motown’, which was about the story of Motown Records, and directed by its founder Berry Gordy. It was a brilliant experience, and I’d definitely like to catch another show on Broadway if we can before we come back to the UK! We managed to grab a quick post-show Times Square ‘selfie’ too!



I also saw my first UNH mens basketball game on Saturday in the Charger Gymnasium on North Campus. The ‘Chargers’ played really well and ended up beating PACE 75-52 in what was a pretty entertaining game. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy basketball so it’s definitely something I’ll make more of an effort to catch on TV in future. Going again tonight to watch their last home game of the season so fingers crossed for another Chargers win!


We’ve also had quite a bit more snow, but no more snow days off uni. There’s still a lot of it on the ground because it’s not warm enough for it to melt quickly but this weekend we’re supposed to reach a dizzy high of 7 degrees(!!) Below is a photo of the football field outside our building taken from the common room last week.


I Skyped some random lads too, no idea who they were but Ryan seemed happy to have them in our flat. One of them was pretty wild, and even sang me a song. If I were him I don’t think I’d drop Sports Science to pursue a singing career just yet.


On Monday evening I rode the CT Transit bus around downtown New Haven for a journalism project where we had to go somewhere we feel uncomfortable before writing about our experience. I don’t think night buses in big cities are a nice place to be, and I hadn’t been on them much around here before then. Things took a turn for the worse when Justin Bieber’s twin got on the bus (I wish I’d got a picture, the resemblance was uncanny!) Our experience was made more bearable by a kid who was on the bus with us for about 20 minutes. He was with his mum and seemed full of energy – first he tried to talk to the man opposite who wasn’t very interested, and then turning his attention to us. Before we knew it we were playing eye-spy (they play it here with a visual clue or colour not a beginning letter). When we left the bus, he even high-fived us!

Yesterday, as part of a class (Gaming and Casino Management – yes, that exists!), we were treated to a free 3 course meal at the UNH Hospitality student-run restaurant. I had onion soup to start, followed by steak and lobster, and then a cookie tower to finish. It was a great meal and the crazy thing is it only costs $7 normally!


So, yeah, that’s about it really. I did submit another summer internship application this morning so hopefully that might come to something.

Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday to my homeboy Ryan Hesp who turns 20 on Monday!

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 11.45.47

Let’s switch it up a bit. How about a few of songs of the week, it’s been a while! Hope all is well for everyone in the UK and that the weather starts to behave soon!

Song of the Week 1: Foo Fighters – Everlong

Song of the Week 2: Bloc Party – Real Talk

Song of the Week 3: Bastille – Pompeii (Audien Remix)

20 Years Old

Well, another week of classes has passed at the University of New Haven, and it was an eventful one! I turned 20, we had a couple of days off because of snow and of course the Seahawks won the Super Bowl!

Firstly the Super Bowl on Sunday evening. Seattle Seahawks ran out winners by 43-8 over Denver Broncos, and the game was as the result suggests, very one sided. It was definitely a great experience watching it on the big screen, and we quickly realised you don’t really have to understand the rules. There’s a lot of running (a lot of the time into other players), catching, throwing and chasing of the ball, and wild celebrations with every touchdown.

Watching Super Bowl in the common room.

Watching Super Bowl in the common room.

I guess my birthday comes next. It just so happened that it Monday was one of the ‘snow days’ we got off uni this week, and that was definitely a bonus. We started the day with a trip to the gym followed by breakfast. The remainder of the day was pretty chilled as we waited to find out whether or not evening classes would be cancelled.

I had a lovely surprise from Sarah and Sophie (as well as my roommates, suitemates and their friends) late afternoon. I was called into my room and they all sang happy birthday to me. There was cake and my bed and desk had been covered in balloons.


Balloons galore!

Balloons galore!

I’d also like to thank everyone who sent me birthday wishes via Facebook or other means, they were all greatly appreciated. The video below was amazing, thanks guys! Anyone with Facebook who hasn’t seen it, you can see it by clicking the link below:

I love my friends!

I love my friends!

The day ended with a trip to TGI Fridays for a meal with fellow foreigners (it’s no Toby Ryan but it’s pretty good!). The food was great, as was the company and the service – they even sang happy birthday to me! Honestly can’t believe I’m 20 and half way through my time at university. Every time I say or think my age now I feel like I’m starting to get old!


Birthday dinner at TGI Fridays.

Birthday dinner at TGI Fridays.

One of the highlights from classes this week was watching the BBC’s documentary on the 1985 Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster. It was a real eye opener. Obviously a very sad film but equally intriguing and shocking because of how NASA tried to cover the whole thing up. I have a huge amount of admiration for Richard Feynman, the scientist NASA invited to help them work out what happened. He was relentless in his search for the truth and desire for it to become public, despite having to fight his own battle with illness and others on the commission who were looking to reach a conclusion that would acquit NASA.

William Hurt playing _ in 'The Challenger'

William Hurt playing Richard Feynman in ‘The Challenger’

‘The Challenger’ preview:

In terms of snow we’ve had quite a bit this week, probably up to a foot from the two days combined in some places, but all the paths and roads are always cleared very quickly so we’ve not been snowed in yet. They always take the snow away somewhere but I can’t help thinking one time they should attempt to build a huge snowman on the football field!

The football field in the snow on February 3rd.

The football field in the snow on February 3rd outside our accommodation.

For any of you that didn’t know, the three of us were interviewed by UNH’s student newspaper earlier in the week. The article isn’t great, but if you’re interested in reading it, it is available at the following link:


We’re hoping to go to a Broadway show tonight in New York. It’s free but consequently very popular. If enough people don’t turn up at the bus we should be able to go! We’ve also signed up for a nighttime skiing and snowboarding trip on the 1st of March which sounds pretty good.

Once again thanks for all the birthday messages. I’m definitely feeling much more settled now, and I can’t believe how quickly time is already going. I hope you are all well, and for those of you in Lincoln or at uni elsewhere I hope you’re all having a great time.

Oh, and someone needs to tell the Americans how to cook Bacon. They take it to the extreme. Frazzled!

Birthday snow picture outside Maxcy Hall at UNH.

Birthday snow picture outside Maxcy Hall at UNH.

Song of the Day: We Are Scientists – Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt:

Yale, Classes and Snapchats

Well, I’ve survived the first week of classes at UNH. Overall it’s been a really good week, there’s been a lot of timetabling issues to sort out and there’s still one class I need to change but hopefully that gets sorted soon. In what was a week of firsts I also played my first game of blind hide and seek.

Since I last posted on here we took a trip to downtown New Haven which is a short taxi ride away. We had a walk round Yale which is beautiful (it looks similar to Cambridge and Oxford (boo!)


We also had a look around the art gallery there. There were a lot of nice paintings, but the one of officials signing the American independence documents was pretty cool.


I think so far I prefer the teaching here compared to Lincoln. There are no separate lectures and seminars, and every ‘class’ lasts an hour and fifteen minutes. For every module there are two of these classes per week, or a 6-8.40 evening class.

The classes are also much smaller so in many ways they feel more like UK seminars, but I feel like the professors are a bit more engaging here. I find myself looking at the time less but maybe we’re still in the honeymoon period.

One of the classrooms is so cool. It’s a small lecture theatre about the size Moot Court in the Lincoln Business building (or the central portion of Jackson for those who haven’t been in BL). I wondered what the cut-out portions of the desk were for, they suggested that something was underneath.

One lesson, we were told to use the computers. There are up and down arrows under the desk, and with a press of the up button, a Mac emerges from under the desk. Both myself and Sarah sat there in astonishment. It was like something out of Thunderbirds (great show). If Carlsberg did lecture theatres…


The library here has a separate section running all the way up one side just for storing books. It’s pretty old-school, but a bit eery too because all the lights come on automatically as you walk around.


Also stumbled across this interesting sounding sauce in ShopRite.


I also got some pretty cool Snapchats from you Lincoln people, so thanks for that!


We’ve planned to go shopping at a nearby outlet mall this weekend, and hopefully we’ll get round to seeing Wolf of Wall Street (I’ve heard great things). On that note, love the clip below, very funny!

DiCaprio and Hill Re-Enact Titanic Scene

Yesterday we were interviewed by the UNH newspaper to talk about our experience here so far and how it differs from the UK. If it gets posted anywhere or I can get a copy to you all I’ll try and do that.

I also got some good news over the last week. I’ve got an interview for summer work at a transport company in Cambridgeshire. I also got a couple of results back from Lincoln yesterday. I got a first in my Spanish and Tourism modules last term, so all in all I’m pretty chuffed! Liverpool hit Everton for four too which was even better! Last night was fun too, full of laughs and good times which really has been a running theme so far.


Take care

Song of the Day: Kings of Leon covering Robyn’s ‘Dancing on my Own’

Journalism and the Hypnotist

The last few days since New York have been pretty relaxed. The weather has been cold but beautiful, the sky is clear and blue most of the time here.


I’ve been to the gym 3 days in a row (changed man) and we discovered a food place on campus that sells quesadillas (Bex I know you’ll appreciate this).

We had to complete another part of registration on Thursday, which involved picking classes. We’d all even told to select what we wanted from the university catalog, but when we came to the class picking session found it wasn’t that simple.

Some classes were full, and they couldn’t put us in those for safety reasons and some only run in the ‘fall’ semester. After much deliberation (I’m sure we got on our student assistants’ nerves – we were there at least 2 hours!) we all managed to pick enough. We have to take 6 ‘classes’ (or modules) here, in order for them to equate to 4 modules in Lincoln.

My choices were: Spanish, Talent Management, Professional & Business Communication, Catering and Events Management, Gaming & Casino Management and Journalism. I have Fridays off, and two classes on Mondays and Wednesdays. Tuesdays and Thursdays I start at 8am and finish at 8.40pm (!). There are breaks in between classes on those days but they’re going to be pretty busy!

Firstly, yes, you can actually do a module about gaming and casinos here and it sounds really good (there was also mention that they might run a trip to Vegas for that in Spring Break). Secondly, yes I chose journalism. It’s something I’ve always been a bit interested in having a go at, and in the US it’s common for students to chose 1 or 2 modules that are in a completely different area to their ‘major’ (degree).

All of the people in my suite have moved in now and they all seem really nice so that’s good too.

Yesterday evening was full of laughs. We went to see a hypnotist who I think comes to the uni every year (it was free too!). He asked for volunteers from the audience (I wasn’t going up haha), and then made them do all kinds of, shall we say, ‘interesting’ things! It was such a good show, one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time.

Anyway today I think we’re going to explore ‘downtown’ New Haven. This might prove slightly difficult as I’ll be walking around with everything crossed for the mighty WATFORD who are currently 2-0 UP AWAY at MANCHESTER CITY in the FA Cup!

Come on you Hornets!!!


Song of the Day: Imagine Dragons – Tiptoe